Wednesday, 6 February 2008

A Quick Update, 11:50, 06/02/2008

I've been busy the past few days, I left the beach hostel, but met a German guy (from Frankfurt) called Gerd, since then we've gone to a few museums, art galleries, the new Amsterdam library (filled will Apple-esque lighting and over a hundred iMacs, as well as a restaurant that puts many to shame), a sauna and various other places.

It was my first time in a sauna, I did both the wet and dry versions, but it was also my first time naked in front of many other men, or indeed any men. A surreal experience, but to Dutch and German people, it's the normal thing.

I'll upload a few pictures and update the text when I have more time.

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Hemzzz said...

Naked? How lovely. No pictures though. THANKFULLY. Ho ho. Was the sauna nice? How long did you stay in? I can imagine being in the dry one and just falling asleep.

I like the last two pictures; I'm assuming they're from an art gallery. Vaaairy nice. What are the little picture things on the last photo? (They're on a shelf thing at the top) They look like jolly arty postacards or something?