Saturday, 23 February 2008

Good News Everyone!, 15:36, 23/02/2008

I removed myself from my dingy shitty room with gusto, had a shower in what feels like a makeshift bathroom (all of them seem to consist of a shower-head behind the toilet in a small toilet-sized room) with hot water that took a good twenty minutes to accumulate.. and got myself back to reception for my first (and hopefully last) room change of the week.

Somehow, it's a luxury suite in comparison. It's a four bedroom 'dorm' (a room twice the size of my last, just with two bunk beds inside), and it's amazingly clean in comparison to my former abode. So, I'm happier! Last night I met a girl called Katie (from Jersey) in the internet cafe, and had a fun time getting lost trying to find my room again, so went and visited the harbour front where the olympic mascots are (in the form of huge lit lanterns), as well as the walk of stars (didn't recognise any of the names..) and a large Bruce Lee statue. It seems everyone here worships Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, being that they're the biggest exports of this place, not a bad thing though.

Today, I'll be taking myself through a park, and might get myself a pair or two of new spectacles.. depending on if I can find a reputable place with frames that I like. I do need some contact lenses too. For now!

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Hemzzz said...

Wooters, glad you removed yourself from that place. Even thought you didn't see any cockroaches or anything I imagine you would have probably been eaten by them before the week was out.