Sunday, 24 February 2008

Pictures So Far, 09:16, 24/02/2008

Here is a collection of pictures from my trip in Hong Kong so far.. all chronological, some taken purely because of the amusement, guess which!


Hemzzz said...

Mong Kok! =)

I love the pics of the buildings with all the lighting....beeeautifuls. I can't say the same for that tv- look at all the bloody dust and SCUM over it!

I do also like those...lanterns? a lot. They're pretty coolios.

Oooh...and the pic with you with the lovely Hong Kong behind you (I'm guessing!). That one is pretty cool. Simply because it's like the Hong Kong skyline kind of thing you see on the tellaaay or in picture books. All the bright, neon signs for things like errm...Panasonic and Epson heh. No Hemas this time round though. =(

The lift safety messages are awesome. =D I hope you did use them safely! Oh...and as for the "No Dumping" sign, well, that gave me a large chortle. =)

Oh...and in the Rolex pic...I LOVE that non-Winnie-The-Pooh umbrella. Get me one!

More pics pleeeease.

Hemzzz said...

Ohh...and I also likes the picture from the plane. CLOUDZZZZ!