Thursday, 14 February 2008

Home, 14:49, 14/02/2008

I haven't been up to much since my last update, I went to see Jimmy Eat World play at the Paradiso (which was pretty good), and generally lazed around more than anything. I flew back to the UK on the 12th, and almost immediately became ill when I returned to the house (only today am I feeling even slightly better) - possibly the sushi at London Victoria Station (typical!).

My next location is Hong Kong, flying out on the 21st of February (this month), I get into Hong Kong the following day (long flight!) at 15:40. Now I must make a list of all the things I must see and do before I get there!

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Jimiminar said...

Hey, hope you have/had a good flight (depending on when you read this..). Oh and it's all about chewing the marshmallows on takeoff/landing.