Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The History Museum, 17:33, 30/01/2008

I spent around two hours going through Amsterdam's Historisch Museum, which I'm sure you can work out to be a museum dedicated to the history of Amsterdam. Unlike the Anne Frank Huis, it felt like a proper tribute to the events of the past with some works of art from over five hundred years ago that eclipse any examples in the more modern section. Getting to the museum is easy, it's right in the centre just off Dam Square, and if you get the annual museum pass for €30 - or €17.50 for under 26 year olds - you can go as many times as you like to the museums that have partaken in the scheme (which includes the Van Gogh gallery, due for a visit tomorrow), otherwise each museum costs roughly €10 each.

In the third picture down, perhaps the most conveniently-positioned hand in history.

So yes, the History Museum was fun, interesting and took up a lot of the day. After that, food was needed, so I popped down an alleyway to a pancake-house, like a normal cafe-restaurant, except they serve pancakes. Mine looked like a pizza with chorizo, tomato and cheese on it.

Tomorrow I'll try and smuggle some Van Gogh pictures out.

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Jimiminar said...

Hey man, hope you're having a good time, hats off to ya man, I don't think I'd have the courage to go on hols on my own, and also congratulations on keeping yourself busy with all the sightseeing, soaking up the culture etc.
No doubt I'll seeya sometime when you're back in the yoo-kay.
Oh, and if we already decided a figure for the monies I owe you, then you'll have to remind me as I've forgotten! :s
Take it easy