Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Flying Pig, 12:03, 30/01/2008

I shifted myself over to the Flying Pig Downtown Hostel last night, click the link to see more. It's full of lots of small groups of people and many like-minded and sole-travellers. The atmosphere is good, there's a circle of cushions and rugs where people congregate to get high, a bar open until late, and no lock-out time, perfect if you don't know what time you'll be back, or if you want a late-night snack/stroll. Today I'll probably head over to the Van Gogh gallery, as I feel I should do so instead of regretting not doing it when I get home - then there's the torture museum which I've heard many mention.

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Hemzzz said...

Those errm....things in the picture are pretty cool. There seems to be a lot of really odd little bits and bobs around the place. =)