Friday, 16 January 2009

What's yet to come

My destination will always remain the same, that I can't change - but certainly, I haven't set in stone everything between lying here on the couch in my bedorom to getting into my new room in Japan, it's a journey without ties, it's why I could never buy a round-the-world plane ticket, how boring is the idea of that? Knowing that you have to go to a certain place at a certain time, not allowing you to think for yourself as and when you want to go somewhere.. if you decide to join a group of people and go somewhere else, you have to force yourself to get back or to somewhere else at a specific time - I've no interest in such a thing. My plan is not to use planes at all if I can help it. If I can, I'll get a faster motorbike and see how far I can reach until it just won't go any further.. How amazing is it to think of how far you could go with just a bike and the road ahead? To me it's enthralling, I can't wait. Maybe I'll go without the bike, maybe I will, that all comes down to money, as many things do - but one things for sure, I will go, I'll make it work and it'll be the swansong to end the first quarter of my life (I intend to be at least a hundred!).

Now Dave (Lee, who I met in Hong Kong) is talking to me, it's been just under eleven months since I met him in a small Hong Kong dorm.. the times I had.. the times I will have. I can't wait, but I know I have to.

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