Monday, 19 May 2008

Nha Trang

Yet another bus through Vietnam, this time to the coastal town of Nha Trang. I met a couple of Irish girls on the bus, and upon arriving the next day at silly-o'clock, we found a hotel, aptly named Good Hotel, that was in fact very good! Here, we got a huge room on the top floor (four flights of stairs..), with a TV, three double beds, air-conditioner, fans, en-suite, fridge and a balcony, for £5. That's £5 for the whole room, so £1.33 each! Oh, and that included a nice view of the beach with bright blue skies and sun beaming down all day. Can't go far wrong there!

We found food, including a strange outdoor restaurant that just existed on a large patio next to the road; we couldn't see any building that it was near to, yet food appeared regardless. The food was good (veggie burger and chips for about a pound), the weather better, and straight after we trundled into the sea for some much-needed splashing around. From Nha Trang, there's an island opposite with 'Vinpearl' in big white letters emblazoned on the side of it, as well as a cable cable connecting the two in the distance. So of course, we wanted to take the cable car and did so! It cost us 50p each to get a few miles up the road on the back of three motorbike taxis (since there were three of us), from there we took the cable car and found out that for our £8, we also get access to a amusement and water park! Fantastic. We spent a good three hours there, in this deserted place with no more than ten other people there, and had a great time. It's not too big to get lost in, but big enough not to have tried everything. Some of the water slides were too high for my tastes, I did manage to take on three of them, but then it got a little silly, as if people could fall off the sides due to how fast they were coming down! Of course, the two girls went up and did the tallest one, much to my dismay. But it made for a good video on my camera, one which I'll get online as soon as I can.

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G8 said...

Hey Adam, Some of the links to the pictures don't seem to work. Glad to see your doing well there, nice to be updated on your travels.

I took my maths exam today and i felt fairly confident that i would pass. Also got my Theory test for my bike license on the 20th so a bit nervous for that.

Hope to speak to you soon.