Tuesday, 18 March 2008

HK Again, 20:35, 18/03/2008

I've settled down in Hong Kong again, packed up about five boxes of stuff to send home and bought lots to put inside those packages and boxes.. and I'm pooped. I think I'm ready to leave again and make my way through China and get to Hanoi (Vietnam) over land, visiting various places on the way. From there I intend to visit the coast of Vietnam then go on to Laos and eventually Thailand, as my craving for clear blue skies, 30+ degrees heat and beaches is getting increasingly strong.

Dave, meanwhile, has found that due to the Tibetan rioting and bloodshed, that he can't make his way to Lhasa and has had a big portion of his trip diverted because of it. He's also put up some detailed reports of our travels together and some pictures of yours truly: http://www.gobackpacking.com/Blog/

I'll get some more photos uploaded soon of the remaining ones of China and some from Hong Kong.

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Hemzzz said...

All sounding good....Vietnam should be lovely....along with wherever else you pass along on the way.